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Awards & Trophies


The permanent Masters Trophy, which depicts the Clubhouse, was introduced in 1961. It was made in England and consists of over 900 separate pieces of silver. The trophy rests on a pedestal, and bands of silver provide space to engrave the name of the winner and runner-up. In 1993, a Sterling replica of the permanent Masters trophy was first awarded to the champion, along with the Gold Medal.

  • Name engraved on permanent Masters Trophy which remains at Club
  • Sterling Replica of Masters Trophy
  • Gold Medal
  • Green Jacket

Champions also receive a gold medallion (3.4 inches in diameter, 2.3 ounces) featuring a view of the Founders Circle in front of the Clubhouse.

Gold Medal

Sterling Replica of Masters Trophy


  • Name engraved on permanent Masters Trophy which remains at Club
  • Silver Medal
  • Silver Salver

Since 1951, the runner-up also receives a 1.7 ounce silver medallion showing the Clubhouse from the Founders Circle off Magnolia Lane. It is the same size as the winner's gold medallion.

Silver Salver

Silver Medal

Low Amateur

Low Amateur, Silver Cup

In 1952, the Masters began presenting the low amateur with an award for his performance. In order to receive the award, the amateur must make the 36-hole cut.

Silver Cup

Day’s Low Score / Hole-In-One / Eagle

Beginning in 1954, participants could qualify for additional awards for outstanding feats during the Tournament. These were the first awards.

Day’s Low Score: Crystal Vase

Hole-in-one: Large Crystal Bowl

Eagle: Crystal Goblets

Double Eagle

During the first round of the 1967 Tournament, Bruce Devlin made a double eagle on hole No. 8. This was the first double eagle since Gene Sarazen’s on No. 15 in 1935. Clifford Roberts announced that a special trophy was ordered for Devlin, a large crystal bowl, but one would first be delivered to Gene Sarazen.

Large Crystal Bowl

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