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A view of the Champions Locker Room located upstairs in the Clubhouse. Augusta National

Augusta National’s Clubhouse has long been considered one of the most iconic in golf and possibly the most historic piece on site that resembles its original look, even among the natural growth of similarly aged trees. It is also one of the oldest, originating as a home built in 1854 and surviving more than 160 years that have included the Civil War, World Wars I and II, expansion around its periphery, extreme weather occurrences and even a powerful movement that on a few occasions called for a completely new structure to be constructed.

Take a look inside:

Masters Trophy

The Masters Trophy is displayed in the Clubhouse at Augusta National Golf Club.  Rob Brown/Miller Brown

The permanent Masters Trophy, weighing 100 pounds and with the champion and runner-up’s name etched on a silver band, is housed in the Clubhouse. A smaller version, weighing 20 pounds, goes home with the champion as a permanent keepsake. Each trophy is handcrafted to scale, from the structure’s shutters and window frames to the delicate railings bordering the veranda.


A view of the Library on the second floor of the Clubhouse.   Augusta National

The Library is most famous as the annual site of the Champions Dinner on Tuesday night of Masters week. Located at the top of a spiral staircase near the entrance to the Clubhouse from Founders Circle, the room’s name is inspired by golf books and cases housing memorabilia devoted to co-Founders Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts and President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former member.

Doors lead to a wrap-around veranda that offers a clear view of the golf course.

Champions Locker Room

A view of the Champions Locker Room located upstairs in the Clubhouse.   Augusta National

The Champions Locker Room is an exclusive room on the second floor of the Clubhouse with a veranda that overlooks Founders Circle and Magnolia Lane. Lockers of the champions are located within and some share that space, including 2015 champion Jordan Spieth and Arnold Palmer, the four-time champion who died last September. A display inside this year includes memorabilia from Palmer’s past at Augusta National.

Trophy Room

Photo Gallery

Following the Green Jacket ceremonies in Butler Cabin and on the putting green, the new Masters champion has a dinner with Club members on Sunday night in this room, located to the right of the main entrance to the Clubhouse on the golf course side. The room includes some of golf’s earliest artifacts, including the clubs Bobby Jones used in winning the Grand Slam in 1930 and Gene Sarazen’s 4-wood and golf ball used to hole the double eagle on No. 15 in 1935.

Crow's Nest

During Tournament week, amateurs are able to stay in The Crow's Nest above the Clubhouse.  Rusty Jarrett/Augusta National

The highest spot on the grounds, the Crow’s Nest is situated at the tip-top of the Clubhouse. Amateur participants have the right to reside in the room which is accessed by a steep staircase located adjacent to the Champions Locker Room. The five-bed, 1,200-square foot residence has three single beds partitioned off from the main sitting area. Two 1933 fire extinguishers, which look like light fixtures, are in place near the entry point. At the top of the room is the famous cupola that adorns the Clubhouse.

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