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    Honoring the Amateurs

    Amateur Dinner
    Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne stands with amateurs, from left, Lion Kim, Hideki Matsuyama, Peter Uihlein, Nathan Smith, David Chung and Jin Jeong on Monday, April 4, 2011.
    Barry Koenig/Augusta National

    Amateurs enjoy extraordinary hospitality at the Masters Tournament. The Amateur dinner, now held on Monday after debuting on Wednesdays in the early 1950s, is held in the Clubhouse with Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne and members of golf's governing bodies in attendance.

    Those who attended Monday's dinner included (from left to right) Lion Kim of U.S.A., Hideki Matsuyama of Japan, Peter Uihlein, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne, Nathan Smith, David Chung and Jin Jeong of Korea.

    The Low Amateur began receiving a Silver Cup in 1952, and the Amateur runner-up award of a Silver Medal began in 1954 (each must make the cut to receive the honors). The Low Amateur is invited to Butler Cabin for the CBS presentation of the Green Jacket and to the putting green for the on-site ceremony and also to the Champions dinner that evening. The Crow's Nest, the large room at the top of the Clubhouse that can sleep up to five people, is reserved as amateur accommodations during the week. The amateurs are the only Tournament participants allowed to lodge on the grounds during Masters Week.